• Flutter Tutorial - Creating a Wheel Spinner Widget

    Flutter is an amazing framework for app development. It is fairly new, but gaining popularity every second. Being component and composition based, and with the fact that it includes many built-in widgets to work with, it’s really easy to create amazing widgets, either simple or complex. Today we’ll be learning how to create a real-world case widget for updating a numeric value - a spinner. Ah! But not just any spinner! We’ll make this one look like the pitch-bending knobs you can usually find in a studio. It will also support “flinging” the finger to keep rolling with the direction it was let go in, and using the velocity of the finger.

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  • Simple Scaffold: Generating multiple files for faster coding

    As most people who have been working a lot in front-end development, I will acknowledge that no matter what framework, library set or tools you work with, you end up replicating a lot of files, especially with modern component-based frameworks, such as React, Angular and Vue.js.

    They usually grow to be very different, but they almost always start with the same some sort of base-skeleton, which gets built-upon later. A lot of pipeline code written, and time wasted.

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